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Battery Holder for PCB
    Battery Holder for PCB

Product Description:

Battery holder with straight pin from Musel hardware of China

Battery retainers/Battery holder are suited for high density PCB packaging. Engineered with reliable spring tension,
these contacts
assure low resistance while firmly securing the battery within the retainer.
Compatible with all wave and reflow operations
Solder tails located outside of retainer body which  facilitates visual inspection of the solder joints
Flow-hole solder tail designed for increased joint strength
Compatible with most vacuum and mechanical pick & place assembly systems
Matte Tin Plate for lower soldering temperatures ideal where other temperature sensitive components 
   are being used.

Tin-Nickel plated retainers are ideal for lead free,  high tem perature soldering applications
All conductive polystyrene carrier tape meets ANSI/EIA-4  81 standards