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High precision CNC turning parts from china factory
    High precision CNC turning parts from china factory

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 High precision CNC turning parts from china factory

Item  Precision steel cnc milling parts                                                                                 
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Brass, Copper,etc.
Size Various Sizes
Color Various Colors
Finish Mill,Anodizing,or Other Processes  Required By Customer
2D&3D Design
1. 3 Designers in House.
2. AI, SLD, PRT. IGS, AutoCad, PDF, JPEG etc.
Engineering& Tooling
1.Rich experience engineers
2.Use Wire EDM, CNC, Drilling machines etc.
Surface Finishing
Fixture Building
Tooling & Die Building 
Small Batch Samples
Custom Metal Stamping
Custom Wire Forming
Aluminium Stamping Parts
Turning /CNC Machining
Milling /CNC Machining
Hole Popping 
Precision Grinding
Reel-to-Reel Plating
Metal Finishing Services

1. Lathe part with threaded hole in the middle;
2. Tolerances: +/- 0.02mm;
3. We can work with AutoCAD drawing software as well as solid works format;
4. Edges & holes deburred, Surfaces free of scratches;
5. Customized products completely according to your drawings or samples;
6. The most advanced test equipments to ensure the quality;
7. Price is strictly based on your design and requested quantity;
8. Your parts delivered to your requirements;
9. Component Application: automotive, electricity, building, furniture, machine assembly, computer components, air-conditions, telecommunication and etc;
10.We are focused on cost savings, quality and on time delivery.